Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colorful Reading Challenge

Although I didn't manage to complete the Colorful Reading Challenge last year, I definitely want to try again this year. Plus, failing last year means I have a ready made portion of a list for this year already. ;-) All you have to do is read 9 books with 9 different colors in the title. Cross-overs with other challenges are allowed, which makes my life easier and you can change your list at any time.

My list as it looks at the moment:

1. The Golden Tulip by Rosalind Laker
2. From the Black Hills by Judy Troy
3. Purple America by Rick Moody
4. News From Thrush Green by Miss Read
5. The Blue Notebook by James Levine
6. Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You by Dorian Cirrone
7. Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer by Warren St. John
8. The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
9. Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks


  1. I like your list -- I think I saw the movie adaptation of Charlotte Gray. Very interesting!

  2. Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer was frickin' hilarious. if you run across any Southern things you need explained, let me know. :)


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