Thursday, December 11, 2008

You might be a redneck...

if you go to Walmart for Christmas presents and come out with accessories for shooting* (a shooting vest and glasses) and a Swiss Army knife. Could living in the south be rubbing off on us?

*the shooting involved here in the K. family is of the sporting clay variety rather than the hunting variety but that doesn't make my current purchases any less funny.

Oh, and I hope D. doesn't read my blog because if he does, he now knows my big brainstorm for his stocking.

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  1. I read this post awhile back and giggled. But after the family visits this holiday I had to come back and post a comment...

    My sister and her family live in North Carolina (he's in the Air Force). My BIL got a bunch of redneck "equipment" for gifts this Christmas that included an orange vest and a 7" knife. My sister (married to aforementioned BIL) bought him a t-shirt that said "I don't kill innocent animals; just the ones that look guilty." I know she bought it in NC because you can't find anything like that around here. But it gets better....

    I never saw the photo but my brother did. He said to me he was shocked that our BIL has become such a redneck. We've known hunting was "his thing" but he's really taken it to the redneck level lately. Apparently he couldn't dress out his most recent kill in the woods at the execution site so he took it home to do the deed. But you need a high place to hang the carcass to do this. So BIL goes into the backyard, looks around and declares "here's a good spot". The photo shows my niece and nephew swinging on the swingset while daddy dresses out the deer on the monkeybars that are part of aforementioned swings. But the best part was when my brother asked our BIL about it - "man, you didn't do that while the kids were there, did you?" and BIL responded "why not?" OMG. If that doesn't make you a redneck, I don't know what does!!!


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