Thursday, December 18, 2008


So my overzealous exercising has taken a toll. I think I pulled a muscle, if not something worse. My one thigh is simply killing me. It hurt after I went to the crazy, kamikaze body sculpting class (can you even sculpt a sphere or am I wasting my time?) but the following day I went to the spin class and then for a 4 mile run with a friend anyway. Clearly my body has to be screaming before I deign to listen to it, despite all advice to the contrary. After all this abuse, I was incapable of sitting without just dropping myself down (and hard) so I opted out of the strength yoga class--while it would have stretched the muscles nicely, I don't know that I would have been capable of holding the requisite poses. After all, my arms and legs start shaking shamefully quickly on the best of days. Then today I opted to swim instead of going to spinning in the vain hope that I could get in exercise without aggravating the cantankerous muscle. 2000 yards later and I am stiff as all get out again so my plan clearly didn't work. I am completely baffled as to how I could train for and run a marathon a little over a month ago and all of a sudden be so out of shape I injure myself. Perhaps the added weight I've gained just stressed everything out just enough to bring me down. Argh! Now I'll have to take a bathing suit and running shoes for Christmas vacation when I was only planning on the running shoes. I mean, I know we swimmers always said chlorine is as aphrodisiac but I'm pretty sure we were just fooling ourselves. Nobody really *loves* the smell of bleach. Then again, maybe it helps me smell squeaky clean. If I wasn't afraid of how easy it is for me to be couch potato girl, I'd just park my rear until the leg felt substantially better and then get started again, much slower, but I know how hard it was to get off the couch in the first place so I guess I just have to gut it out. Maybe I'll take my special "aches and pains" herbal bath salts with me too, just in case. Or does that make me sound like too much of a whiny wimp?

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