Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rhetorical questions

Do the calories in baked goods count if they are bought from neighborhood girls running a bake sale to benefit charity?

If I hid the fact that I ate the thing from my kids, am I any better than my kids, who sneak and hide candy whenever they find it? (See why I'm calling these rhetorical questions?)

Am I a bad mom/fan if I spent the entire basketball game laughing my butt off at the chaos and cluelessness that defines 6 year olds playing something with a passing resemblence to basketball?

Why must there always be one overly intense parent at all kid sporting events? (Luckily he wasn't on our team.)

Is it wrong to take such glee in being the possessor of a handicapped parking pass this Christmas? (And for those about to get stroppy with me, I don't use it unless my grandmother, to whom it belongs, is with me but I find myself inviting her to go out with me each time I leave the house. ::grin::)

Why must we always be the one dark house in a line of heavily decorated, glowing with lights for Christmas houses? No, we're not Jewish, just lazy.

Is it disingenuous to tell my children that we are reducing our carbon footprint by eschewing outdoor lighting? (The answer to this one is probably yes given the number of lights generally left on around here without a soul in the room.)

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