Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had an uneventful trip to my parents' for the first time, possibly ever. After we got in, we had to change clothes quickly and bolt dinner so we could make it to a holiday show for which they had gotten tickets. It was at the Savannah Theater (a place I recommend if you are ever in Savannah) and was a Christmas themed show with singing, dance, and a couple comedic bits. We worried that W., being such a jaded 11 year old, wouldn't enjoy it but all three kids seemed completely caught up in it. T. waved to Santa when he made his appearance and even got a couple of high fives (we were in the front row) throughout the show. The comedic bits were hysterical and we thought all three of the kids might wet their pants they were laughing so hard. After the intermission, T. got tired and climbed into my lap instead of sitting in his own seat. He continued to watch the show but by the finale, he was pooped out. How did I know this, you ask? Well, as one of the performers sang a beautiful and moving rendition of "O Holy Night," T. snuggled further into my lap and carefully tucked his hands smack down the front of his pants. I had to bite my lip, knowing that laughter would have been completely inappropriate at that moment. As more of the performers came out and joined in the song, I just hoped that they couldn't see over the stage lights to the small boy in my lap sleepily fondling himself. Now you know why we give little people lovies (and T. has three of them--no, bunnies and blankie are not a euphemism for something else either!), so they don't fall in love with inappropriate things. Time enough for that when he's older. ;-)

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