Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The love life (lives) of little kids

At dinner last night D. told the kids that they weren't allowed to come back to the house, even to visit once they left for college at 18. It took them a minute to realize he was pulling their legs. The boys, once they twigged, just said, "Daaaaaad" in that oh so put upon way children have when parents are being ridiculous. R., on the other hand, put him in his place with ease. She got up from her chair, walked over to him, draped her arms around his neck and sweetly said, "If you won't let me come back once I'm 18, then I won't wait until I'm 34 to start dating." I'm raising one smart cookie, aren't I?! I asked him how it felt being over the barrel like that. LOL! Apparently R. is allowed to come home but the boys still may not. Actually, D.'s rule for the boys was that they must only date one girl at a time. This is probably not going to be a hardship for my sweet, innocent (but immature), and fiercely loyal W. but it could prove difficult for T. the Casanova of the first grade.

T. got off the bus this afternoon and announced, in a voice so jaded you'd think he was weary of the world, "A girl kissed me on the cheek when I was leaving school today." It's obviously a hardship to be so popular! Here's hoping our next teacher conference isn't going to be about inappropriate stuff at school. I can just see it now: my kid will be the next kid in the national news for being suspended because of kissing in first grade. Look for him soon on a tv near you!

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