Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas letter

For those of you on my Christmas card list, this is a duplicate of the letter in the card. For those of you who faithfully read the blog, much of this has been covered here already. But it might be new for someone so here it is:

It’s here! It’s here! We’re just sure you’ve checked your mailbox everyday in anticipation of the K. year in review for 2008, haven’t you? (For any smart alecks out there, this is a rhetorical question.) Since this is the season of giving, feel free to indulge in giving us your attention as we bore you silly for yet another year.

January: D. started working full time in Charlotte this month. This meant that his commutes home were far less frequent than the last two months of 2007 and made the logistics of getting kids to their ten thousand weekly activities far more interesting. The K. children must hold the record for late or missed practices (not that K. ever just flaked out and forgot—no, it’s all D.’s fault).

February: K. and the kids went north to the UP again this year. D. stayed comfortably ensconced in the sunny south. Who had more fun? Let’s just say that K. got to go sliding along the *roads* of Hessel, MI in an ice fishing shanty being pulled by a snowmobile. I think the answer of who had more fun is now glaringly clear.

March: Instead of D. coming back up to Michigan in the midst of unpleasant weather, K. and the kids went south, first to Savannah and then to Charlotte for spring break. There was no house hunting on this trip because house hunting with kids is about as appealing as poking yourself in the eye with a sharp pointy stick but we drove all over the city looking at general areas we might eventually consider. The kids loved Charlotte and were very positive about the upcoming move although the fact that there are no free snow days in NC did disturb them a bit.

April: D. earned his company incentive trips again this year so April was world traveler month. He and K. went to Egypt and the Bahamas. Both trips were nice but Egypt did not agree with D. as he managed to get sick all over the “most romantic temple in Egypt.” Somehow K. missed the romance. This was also the month that K. temporarily lost her mind and agreed to run a marathon. If you didn’t get the Mupdates as she trained, you missed quite an experience. [Side note to blog readers: these are all on here in the archives if you find yourself so inclined.[

May: D. continued to make the occasional long drive home to Detroit as the house was still up for sale, with just about weekly price drops. K.’s tennis season ended and she’s pretty certain that her record had a zero in it somewhere. If you want to assume that means she was undefeated, go for it, you optimists, you!

June: K. became a full-fledged, official dance mom this month at R.’s recital. What this hard to achieve designation entails is being able to strip and re-dress a kid in an entirely new costume (tights, shoes, earrings, and funky hat included) and pull off a completely new hairdo all while standing in the wings backstage in the space of about 10 seconds. K. did not mention this as a special skill on her volunteer application for the new schools later in the year, suspecting that it might get her blackballed from the classroom.

July: K. and the kids headed to the cottage for the month but reality intruded and the lovely vacation was interrupted by the need to go back to Detroit, move out of the house there (and we were doing cartwheels that we actually sold it—albeit for a massive loss), head to North Carolina, see the new house for the first time ever (anyone mentioning lack of storage or closets will find themselves on D.’s s-list but will get nods of agreement from K., who moved into the house sight unseen), and move in there. Actually, K. thought it was perfectly reasonable to let the movers drop off the boxes and head back to the airport to go north again saying, “The boxes will wait.” Poor D. lived in box city all month.

August: When we got home from up north, we settled in to face the joys of moving “on the other end.” Kids had to be registered for school. Doctors were found. Vaccinations were obtained. Unpacking was avoided (mostly). W. entered the seventh circle of hell….ummmm….I mean he started middle school, that fun and happy place you spend the most angst-ridden years of your life. (Wish us luck in the coming years!!!!)

September: K. was still unpacking, not very quickly. D. was staying out of her way.

October: Did you miss the fact that K. ran a marathon? Were you living under a rock? That was, of course, the only thing of note that happened anywhere in October.

November: K. was still unpacking (and not done either). We’re all just hopeful she gets her act together so next year’s letter doesn’t start out the same way this one ends.* This was the month that K. also cooked her very first Thanksgiving dinner after successfully avoiding it for 13 years. And R. was the only one to get sick after eating so K. considered it a dinner well done. Because it’s not a full year without a gut-churning call from the school, we got one this month about W.’s behavior. One people-packed conference later and we are looking into therapy again. Oops! Did we move states with the kid with adjustment issues? Who knew that would cause a problem. ::sigh:: OK, so we knew, but we thought we’d dodged that one when it all went so swimmingly in the beginning. At least R. and T. seem to be adjusting well.

*update on the unpacking: it’s getting closer to being done but there are still boxes hidden away in the basement and since they are currently blocking in the Christmas tree, this is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing.

As we dig ourselves out from under the remaining boxes, we hope that all of you are surrounded by family, peace, love, and happiness throughout the coming year.

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