Sunday, December 7, 2008


# of boxes left to unpack: 35 (the computer virus is good for something!)
# of toenails that have come off in the past two weeks (toenails are for sissies anyway): 4
# of books I've scanned into LibraryThing so far: 4655
# of shopping days until Christmas: 15 (if you include Saturdays, and I'm so behind, I must!)
# of yards swum today: 0
# of miles run today: 0
# of Christmas parties to which we've been invited: 2 (1 down, 1 to go)
# of ideas for a Christmas present for my tough to buy for brother-in-law: 0
# of ideas for a Christmas present for my equally tough to buy for sister: also 0
# on the scale this morning: holy s#it! As my grandmother used to say, "None of your damn business. Suffice it to say it was obnoxiously high.
# of squirrels, dogs being walked, leaves, shadows and assorted other ephemera that have sent the dog into a barking frenzy today: infinite

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