Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So this Lent thing is killing me. Somehow I managed to be the only one in my family to give up something tangible. I gave up soda. I never realized how frequently I reach for a soda instead of water. Clearly this isn't a good thing. My head definitely attests to it anyway as I've had the mother of all caffeine withdrawal headaches for a few days now (well, the headache is probably exacerbated by all the other lousy junk happening to me seemingly daily right now, but the lack of caffeine certainly doesn't help). But at the end of this, I should have kicked the habit and feel much healthier, right? At least I'm not going to be stinky, like the child who chose to give up baths as his Lenten sacrifice (I did tell him, to his chagrin, that baths and showers were two different animals so he won't really be unwashed for 40 days). And the oldest child knew that I was vetoing his plan to give up homework even as it came out of his mouth--his sacrifice now is to give up complaining when I ask him to walk the dog. And perhaps the family's biggest sacrifice is my daughter's intention to give up yelling at her brothers. Ah... for a little peace and quiet and family harmony! We just won't go into the husband's belated offer to give up beer despite having had it at business dinners the first two days of Lent. There's always that one failure for statistical purposes, right? He'll be pleased to know he fills that requirement. ::grin::

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