Friday, December 12, 2008

Gift exchanges

Why does someone always bring a picture frame to a gift exchange? And why do I always end up with it? You know those gift exchanges where people can steal gifts from other folks? I am not a huge fan. Unless the exchange is specifically meant to be funny (white elephant gifts), I tend to come away from it grumbling that I have to drive something else to GoodWill. Now I do not begrudge GoodWill the stuff, but I'm sure they have more than enough picture frames, just like me. I have picture frames with no pictures sitting all over my house. So I definitely don't need more frames that aren't even my taste. I swear I'm going to start claiming the random people in the advert pictures that come with the frame as my relatives just to stop people from commenting on (okay, laughing at) the empty frames. It's either that or find real pictures to put in them and, well, that would take more energy than I have these days. So GoodWill, you luck out. After last night's gift exchange, I'll be by with another load for you the next time I head out of the house. And yes, it will include at least one picture frame.

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  1. I'll trade your picture frame for the white mohair knitted scarf I eneded up with last year. It's not even pretty colors (mohair soaks up colors during dyeing so this yarn had so much potential) - just blah off-white. And before you agree to trade, I must disclose that this is *the* scratchiest mohair I've EVER run across.


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