Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am not in the Christmas spirit. No tree (still behind boxes I'm not yet unpacking but should), no baking (gotta get on that or the stockings will be disappointing to some), no lights (okay, that's not such a shock given that I hate stringing lights outside and rarely accomplish it), no presents wrapped--hell's bells, no presents for my sister or dad yet at all, and just no smiling feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. This is not like me. I'd chalk it up to the lack of snow but actually moving south and increasing the sunlight I see daily has helped the seasonal blahs so it's not really that. Could it be that I still feel unsettled here? And yes, I know exactly who is to blame for that. D., of course. He's to blame for everything. ::grin:: I don't know, someone smack me with a stocking quickly or I'm going to deserve the coal I'm sure to get. Although I'm not even on the Naughty list this year (much to D.'s disappointment!), I've been too wishy-washy and blah for that. So wrap me in tinsel and slap antlers on my head but someone, somehow needs to infuse me with the Christmas spirit.

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