Saturday, December 6, 2008


I went to a sculpt class with a friend yesterday. When we admitted that we were newbies, the teacher looked at us and announced that this was a very advanced class. Hmmm. Was she trying to tell us we weren't nearly fit enough to keep up? Prolly. And given the fact that when I looked at myself in the mirror as she told us to check our reflection to make sure our form was correct, I can see why she'd think that. My form? Round. Oh, my back was straight enough but everywhere else was round.

D. and I went to a ghastly boring Christmas party last night. I was terribly impressed that he used the "babysitter needs to get home early" ploy to get us out of there, especially since we didn't have a babysitter. ::grin:: The bad news, however, is that we're roped into a Valentine's Day ball with these people. Black tie even. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Couple that with the sheer dullness of everything last evening (who gives a *long* political speech at a Christmas party? Answer: the assistant ambassador of a European country that will remain unnamed who apparently doesn't get enough outlets for his windbag self) and the heavy, greasy, yuckiness of the food from this country and this ought to be a doozy of a ball.

It's a very bad thing to ignore the fact that your virus protection software is about to expire. No matter how many other things you have to spend money on (Christmas anyone?!), this is non-negotiable. After all, it's no fun to have to sneak time on D.'s work laptop. (Thank heaven for Saturday golf so I have a few uninterrupted hours!)

T. came home with his first AR book. This stands for Accelerated Reader for those of you without young or whose small fry are not forced to read and take these asinine (sorry, I meant assessment) tests for school. Apparently not all children in his class have moved into AR hell yet because T. told me that Ms. M. called the names of her "sophisticated readers" and he was one of them. Now I suspect that she didn't use that term, if only because the parents of the non-sophisticated readers might object so this is all his creation. I love the vocabulary coming out of my 6 year old. That he uses these terms and concepts correctly is enough to make his word nerd mom so proud.

I went for a run the other day. But it turned out to be a walk. The iPod was dead and I just couldn't muster up the oomph to run without it. I almost quit without doing anything but I made myself go for a walk. It was actually really nice. Now if I could just find a walking buddy, I'd be set. I do look a little odd talking to myself and the neighbor I greeted (in the midst of my rambling soliloquy) looked a little concerned that the crazy lady was talking to him and admiring his dogs. I'm not sure if he was afraid I might be trying to lure the dogs home to eat or what but he quickly hustled them inside once I told him how lovely they were.

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