Thursday, December 18, 2008

His type

So I've been pondering T.'s comment about a fellow first grader not being his type. At first I just plain old thought this was funny but now that I've put some thought into it, I'm curious what his "type" might be. Does she have to still sleep with a blankie and lovey? Should she sleep in her brother's room (T. spends many a night on his sister's floor so someone equally averse to sleeping alone would be good--oh wait, that sounds dreadfully bad, doesn't it?!)? Is it important she be a junk food junkie? Must she laugh maniacally at completely indecipherable Japanese anime? Can she be a suave and charming miss who compliments his smooth and charismatic self or should she be a meek and self-effacing thing content to let him shine alone? Will she talk a blue streak and give Mr. I-Like-To-Hear-Myself Talk chatterbox a run for his money? I guess I should ask him if opposites attract. Frankly, I'm not sure you can tell in a six or seven year old but I'm sure his analysis of what makes for good grilfriend material will be a form of high entertainment.

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