Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Littlest Casanova update

So the first grader has been full of comments about his romantic situation. A sampling:

"I broke up with M. She wasn't my type." (How does a six year old have a type? I think I still wanted to marry my dad when I was six.)

"Today I remembered that I liked another girl but she didn't stick like S. did." (Is that how he attracts them? Flypaper?)

"Only 7 more years until I can date. And I'm not even 7 years old yet!" (13?! This child thinks he's going to be actively dating at 13? Saints above. Fathers lock your doors and we'll try to hold him off for a few extra years but you've been duly warned!)

The worst of it is that he's darn cute, positively charming, and brimming with self-confidence so by the time he's 13, he could be downright full of himself. And if he ever gets wind of the religions that allow harems or polygamy, the mind simply boggles. It would solve all of his problems though since he's now up to 19 girls who like him. Oh, and the good news? He claims he's not kissing his girlfriend "yet." Ai-yi-yi!

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