Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve service

Christmas Eve at church was a typical one for us this year. The kids were dropping like flies. First, T. claimed a headache before we even got there. Then once we went inside, he nabbed an activity bag to keep himself occupied during the service because "I might be bored." Partway through the service, R. sat down with a plunk, ghostly white. She felt faint and spent almost the entire rest of the service sitting in the pew looking wan. W. offered up sound effects during the sermon. Thankfully, the sound effects were fairly quiet since he knew they wouldn't please me at all. And finally, W. was experimenting with the best angle to hold his lit candle while T. tilted his precariously to make hot wax pour down the side of the candle and pooled on the paper skirt rather than singing the oddly disjointed hymns. For some reason, we didn't sing an entire hymn at one time until the very end, instead singing a verse here and a verse there throughout. Mighty disconcerting all the way around (both the wobbling flame/hot wax close to the hair of the elderly woman in front of us and the choppy songs). Add to our own family eccentricities a less than inspiring sermon and Edith Bunker's twin singing behind us and it made for an interesting service. The funniest bit though was how many compliments my mom received on my children's (and my niece and nephew's) good behaviour. Guess we're not the center of attention at all times! A good thing to remember when I am getting worked up at the kids. At any rate, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone reading this. May you all find peace and happiness in the coming year.

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