Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Reading Challenge

I love the seasonal challenges because they are so lovely and loosey-goosey in their rules (ie: I determine the whole of the challenge for myself but get to call it participating in someone else's challenge--weird distinction, I know, but it works for me). So I was pleased to see that the Winter Reading Challenge will be continued this year. Generally I take these seasonal suit yourself challenges as a chance to finish all the books on the bedside table that I currently have bookmarks working their way through (no matter how slowly). But given the books on there at the moment (War and Peace and The Far Pavilions being just two of the insanely large books resting there), I've decided to go about this one slightly differently this year. I am still going to challenge myself to finish but I am only going to include one book, instead of all of them (I like my challenges to at least seem attainable). So I hope to have finished War and Peace no later than March 20th, which is when the challenge wraps up. Maybe then I'll go back to my regularly scheduled finish them all strategy if the Spring Challenge happens again (depending, of course, how far into The Far Pavilions I am by then!).

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