Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What An Animal Challenge

Going through my lists, I found yet another one I have been reading along for but haven't bothered to officially sign-up with. I guess I'm just an unofficial rebel. ::snort:: At any rate, even though I never liked most animal stories when I was a child, I decided to go ahead and read for the What An Animal Challenge. And I decided to branch out a bit on the animals, reading about a bear and a pig in addition to dogs and cats. So here's the list for this one:

1. The Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery
2. Unleashed edited by Amy Hempel and Tim Shepard
3. Gentle Ben by Walt Morey
4. The Cat Who Covered the World by Christopher Wren
5. The Dogs Who Found Me by Ken Foster
6. Dog Years by Mark Doty

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