Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snapshots from my day

On an errand, I got stopped for a train. Aha! I always travel with a book just in case of situations like this. The arms went down. I reached for my book. The engine went past. The arms went back up. What are the odds? I guarantee that if I hadn't had a book, it would have been the longest train known to man.

I returned the book I bought while down at my parents' house (because I already owned it, of course). While there, I picked up a few more books. It seemed like an even exchange. One book returned while 6 more came home with me. Make that five. One of the six I bought has to go back tomorrow because... Yup, you guessed it. I already own it.

I stopped to get gas at a seedy looking station that was a full 5 cents per gallon less than anything else around here. I pumped the gas while pondering all sorts of minutia. Didn't snap back to reality until I realized gas was splashing onto my feet. Apparently the automatic stopper thingie didn't work. Now my lovely new shoes smell all gassy and my jeans are already in the wash. As for my feet, well, I didn't smell them but I'll be showering shortly. So much for the cheaper gas! I probably spilled what I would have spent at the other stations. :-P

I went for my first run in over a week. It didn't feel very good and was only 3 miles. Even worse, when Coach Jay stopped to talk to us (we'd inadvertantly left without him), I felt dizzy and nauseous. Clearly I am very out of shape. I need to sign up for a race to force myself out there more than twice a week. I figure if I sign up, I'm ornery enough that I'll run because I don't want to totally embarrass myself. Now to figure out which race to bless with my presence!

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