Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anger issues

We are yellers in our family. Those of us old enough to know better (D. and me) are trying to curb our yelling tendencies (and incidentally, I originally typed "olde" so that must mean we are beyond ancient!). The shorter inhabitants of the house are still malleable enough to work through it without it being a permanent characteristic, I hope. In any case, we also have to be careful as to how we refer to this tendency around here because the other day T. announced to me, "Mom, W., R., and I all have anger issues, don't we." Whoops. When you want them to pay attention to what you are saying, they don't but when you think they are safely ignoring you, the little sponges are soaking it all in. So yesterday T. came home sobbing his little heart out. When I finally figured out what the problem was, it turns out that he came home because, as he put it: "They were all making me have my anger issues." It was all I could do not to laugh at him. I asked if he meant that he was getting annoyed and was yelling. He agreed that this was the case so he came home. Once I told him that he didn't have anger issues and that he just needed to try to stop yelling at his friends, he stopped crying immediately, bucked up and headed back off to play. We haven't had a re-occurrence. Does he have anger issues? A few but clearly we can't tell him that or his over active imagination will conjure up all sorts of extra things at which to blow his top. Leaves me wondering if I managed to pass along anything worth speaking of genetically or if I just passed all of them my atrocious personailty traits (which might be nature or nurture or both). I think this is why thinking people are not counselled before having children. Because if we thought about what we had to pass along, we'd realize it would be better for us to just adopt more dogs.

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