Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm a brat but then you already knew that

So I went and re-signed myself up for Weight Watchers today. I did it very successfully in Michigan, ultimately losing over 60 pounds. I only had about 5-10 more to go to be at my goal weight. But then I agreed to the marathon and decided that if I was going to stress my body out with the training, I couldn't very well also keep actively trying to lose weight. And I don't regret that decision because I think it was healthy and the right one. The problem came in when I had to move in the midst of training and being a stress eater, well, the move drove me right back to the great white psychiatrist in the kitchen (the fridge for the uninitiated--and sometimes his partner: the pantry). So I trained and gained all at the same time. Huh. It even rhymes. And then the marathon was over and instead of cutting back on the eating, I continued to eat as if I was asking my body to run 20 miles at a go. Obviously that was not the smartest thing I've ever done. And believe me, I've done more than my share of pretty stupid things. So I looked online and found the closest WW meeting and mentally noted when I needed to be there. I knew I wouldn't find a leader the caliber of the leader I had in Michigan. Julie was outstanding and funny and so great I hauled my sorry butt out of bed on Saturday mornings to go to her 8am meeting. She even made a donation to my marathon when I announced my grand plans at one of the spring meetings up there. All in all, she was fantastic and I knew I'd miss her. Anyway, I rolled into the meeting (in full running gear since I had a planned run with a friend scheduled for afterwards) and the leader greeted me. She was all bubbly and peppy, which is important for me. But, and this is a big but, after welcoming me and giving me the literature (essentially the same stuff I've gotten each other time I've signed up), she leaned in to give me a hug. Whoah lady! I don't know you but I like my personal space. I live in a bubble and I expect people to respect that. I'm sure she felt me flinch away from her since she hurried off to the next newbie. But I was still going to give her the benefit of the doubt because, after all, I was there for myself, not for her. And I will say she was a very energetic leader. But by the third time she used the word "ain't" as if it really was proper, I was twitching. I suspect that WW would say that was okay since it was an extra bit of exercise though. Argh!!! Are you kidding me? AIN'T? And not once, not even thrice, but uncountable numbers of times. I am a snob. What can I say? I am a snob but I accept that and I like me. Would it surprise you to hear that I disagreed with her vocally on her assertion that every ten pounds is a dress size? I just couldn't help myself. I know this is conventional wisdom and that every leader ever spouts it, but it is still not correct. She didn't like me saying that losing over 60 pounds led me to drop four dress sizes rather than six. Oh well. Maybe now she regrets that ill-considered hug. ::Wicked grin:: But I decided that I didn't want to be the horrid new girl that M. resents having in the front row each and every meeting (because this is the only meeting close to my house--d@mn the skinny southerners anyway) so I threw her a bone when someone was whining about multi-vitamins and I chimed in with Viactiv's chocolate chewy vitamins as a treat for yourself: sweet and good for you. She even gave me a bravo sticker for that one. I will go back; I paid for the monthly pass which charges my credit card every month whether I go or not, but the grammar issue is going to kill me. Here's hoping I make lifetime quickly and can back down to once a month asap!


  1. Uh, don't you live the the South now? Ain't is a word. And when people ma'am you they aren't insinuating that you are older than those thar hills.

    Good luck with WW.

  2. I agree with Beth, "ain't" is common in the south, but I still chastise dh for using it when he does (which thankfully isn't often).

    Keep me posted on WW - I tried going back but it didn't stick. I'm back on track but it's not nearly as fun when it's not as noticeable!

  3. A dress size for me is more like 15-17 lbs, as I've recently found out.

    There were a few times my mom and I were afraid that we'd get kicked out of our WW meetings. Apparently, we think we're funnier than our leader did ;)

    Good luck! I'm currently following the program at home. 25# more gone would be ideal.


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