Monday, January 12, 2009

If you don't know what it means...

don't use the word. Or perhaps more appropriately, if you think it's the correct word but it might be a homonym instead, look it up before you post it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by an egregious word misuse in the celebrity muck that I click on when I run out of better reasons to be at the computer. And let's be honest, my better reasons include tossing possums on Facebook so this tells you how far down the list the celebrity muck is. In any case, apparently Yahoo hires people who don't know the difference between the word "illicit" and the word "elicit." Shocking isn't it? You too can read the article here. But if you'd prefer not to visit, here's the offending sentence for your entertainment: "We all nearly fell out of our chairs laughing as we watched Ryan Seacrest run down the stairs of his interview platform to get some face time with the passing Brangelina and not even illicit a glance over the shoulder from them." I say strike the "a" between "illicit" and "glance" and you have the makings of a fabulous Hollywood rumor. Wonder if I have a future as a Hollywood publicist?

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