Monday, January 19, 2009


Do you ever just have a blah day? Or a blah couple of days? I seem to be inhabiting a country of those days lately. Is it the lack of sun (and we thought we'd moved to the sunny south!)? Is it a lack of sleep? Is it the cold (knowing, of course, that we are quite a bit better off temp-wise than all our friends up north)? Is it that the kids are off school today (and again on Friday)? Is it the winter storm advisory that scrolled across Cartoon Network earlier (have I mentioned we live in the south and therefore winter storm advisories should not be mentioned here)? Is it that I haven't found myself able to stick with a book, instead hopping from one unfinished tome to another (I know this doesn't affect normal people but with me it is a concern)? Is it the lack of exercise (I'm down to about 12 miles a week of running but shin splints will do that to you)?

Whatever it is, I am so over it!!! I want to be energized again. I want to care about the big stuff (and the minutia). I want to be grabbed by the throat by a book I'm reading and gulp it down as fast as I can. I want to feel like I am accomplishing something, at least most days. I want... something. I don't even know what all but these grey and boring days aren't it. Maybe I need a tropical vacation or something (so I'm probably heading north to snow and ice and less light and sun than I'm currently getting--smart of me, isn't it?!). Feel free to give me a virtual smack. Maybe it'll jolt me out of the doldrums.

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