Monday, January 5, 2009

Challenges and resolutions

It's that time of year when I go all hog-wild and join a whole bunch of internet book challenges. Sometimes this helps me focus my reading. Sometimes this overwhelms me. And sometimes I pay zero attention to the challenges I've set or joined. It's kind of like my own version of New year's Resolutions, which you might notice didn't appear on the blog. This is not because they are so private I can't share. I mean, let's be honest, I have no problem sharing--inapropriately even. It's more because I don't make resolutions anymore. I hate to set myself up to fail (and really, who ever follows through on their NY resolutions anyway?). Plus, the typical things that everyone resolves to do (lose weight, eat better, exercise more) just make me sound like a commercial for Weight Watchers (which I will be re-joining, as I've previously mentioned, but not because it's a new year, more because I've gotten off track--sort of like this post). In any case, the things I should resolve to do don't need formalizing by being placed on a list with a definite start date. They should just organically happen. And if you believe that pile of hog's wallop, you don't know me! But I'm only indulging my list making anal-retentive side with book resolutions this year so when you start seeing loads of entries on my upcoming book challenges (and last count has me signing up for 45), you'll know what has happened. My evil twin organizer has just highjacked the blog for a while although hopefully the loopy, chaotic twin will get to continue posting a bit too since I know you're all addicted to my nutball entries on life now, aren't you?

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