Friday, January 23, 2009

I know I'm odd

After all, it isn't every person in the world who insists that the movers pack her box collection. No, this isn't a collection of fancy boxes that you might display somewhere. This is a bunch of your garden variety cardboard boxes you wrap gifts in or mail things in or something like that. And I have spent a long time amassing a bunch of boxes of all shapes and sizes. Weird, I know. But have you ever had to pay for a box in which to mail something? Then you know how much money I'm saving by having my own collection. And furthermore, I am saving them from being heaped in a landfill or added to the recycling. Yes, I am trying desperately to justify my oddballness here and I think I'd succeeding (don't tell me if I'm not). In any case, I finally got around to unpacking the box that the majority of the boxes were in this afternoon and once again, pulling things out made me wonder if the packers who packed our things shared even one brain cell between them. Not only did they *unpack* the Rubbermaid tote I had full or gift bags and tissue paper (and my undiagnosed OCD--see, I am a sea of letter diagnoses today--required me to spend more than an hour getting them back in order, like occasion with like occasion and like color with like color, all arranged in ROYGBIV order), but they *tore* my boxes apart to pack them. I ask you what use ripped boxes are for anything?! I guess they go to recycling without being re-purposed. So much for my green efforts today. :-P And if I have to buy any cardboard boxes in the near future, I'll be billing the moving company.

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