Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Salon: random reading notes

My reading has been very catch-as-catch-can lately. Actually, my whole life has been sort of catch-as-catch-can. Over the past week, I've only devoted two big chunks of time to reading, instead of immersing myself in my books daily like I usually do. I do have three books I've finished since last Sunday I need to get around to reviewing (maybe I'll get to one of them later today since I'm putting it out in black and white--or black and green given the blog colors--that I'm behind). I have bookmarks putting down roots in several books, not because I am not enjoying them but because I just don't seem to reach for them right now. As close as I've come to reading lately has been scanning my books into librarything. I'm whitreidtan there. I'm up to almost 7000 books and I still have stacks of them to go. Once they are all scanned in, I can actually get them on shelves and be a bit more organized than I currently am. And I can get the duplicates out of the house, which will help the clutter in my head. In any case, I should be getting back to my reading now. Should I spend some time in Russia during the Napoleonic Wars (War and Peace), India under British rule (The Far Pavilions), turn of the century North Dakota (The Big Rock Candy Mountain), heading down an uncharted tributary of the Amazon River with Theodore Roosevelt (The River of Doubt), or in an entirely different book-i-verse entirely? Decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. I have three of Stegner's books on my list of best reads ever, but I've not read Candy Mountain. I've seen comments saying it is not as good as his other works.

    So I vote for CM. I am curious to see what you think.

  2. I agree with debnance, go with Candy Mountain sounds pretty interesting.

  3. I'm with Deb and Ruth - I've read one Stegner (The Angle of Repose) which I absolutely LOVED and I am very curious about Big Rock Candy Mountain because I have it on my wishlist :) So for purely selfish reasons, please read that one *laughs*


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