Monday, March 2, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Three weeks in a row I get to play along with Mailbox Monday. Terribly exciting for me. For the rest of you, you're probably thinking I don't get out much, in which case you'd be correct. ;-) Anyway, this past week, in my mailbox I found:

Outcasts United: A Refugee Team, An American Town by Warren St. John
Firefly Cloak by Sheri Reynolds
The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald by Clifford B. Hicks

The first is a review copy. The second is a the book club book for March. And the third is for my kids (and probably for me as well).

If you want to see what other book bloggers got over the past week, check out Marcia at The Printed Page since she hosts this weekly extravaganza.


  1. I have seen Outcasts United on several blog, it looks like a real interesting book. Enjoy!

  2. I'll have to go see if Firefly Cloak might be something my book club would like. :)

    Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi

  3. This was my first week, I'm hooked!! Its fun listing all your weekly goodies, kind of makes me go...yay! all over again.

    Your's look interesting!

  4. Thank you for stopping by the mailbox, again, this week. :-) 'Outcasts United' is on my wish list. Enjoy your books!


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