Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Salon: Happy Birthday!

It's mah birthday. It's mah birthday. (Visualize me dancing as I sing this--or maybe it's better if you don't given my lack of rhythm.) We've told the kids for years that the older you get, the duller your birthday is. Couldn't prove it by me this year though. I did not get what I most wished for: peace and quiet without children anywhere near me. )I do love them, most of the time--::grin::--, I just cherish my alone time and haven't had any in I can't tell you how long.) But if I had to spend my day ferrying children around to various places, I got the very next best things a mom could ask for on her birthday. I got a gift card to Barnes and Noble, a gift card to a girlie boutique-y jewelry/purse place, checks, and Graeter's ice cream. You are now all wishing you were me, aren't you?!

Amazingly enough, one of the places I had to take a child was close enough to B&N to make for an easy detour to completely blow the entire gift card already. Color me as happy as a pig in stink! The books that came home to live with me today were:

Gorgeous As Sin by Susan Johnson because all tired moms need a stash of happily-ever-after, steamy romances for when brain melt overtakes one.

A Vineyard in Tuscany by Ferenc Mate because Tuscany is one of those places I dream of visiting one day and until that day arrives, I'm happy enough with armchair traveling in that general direction. I also have a sneaking fondness for moving and starting over amidst language barriers and general home chaos so this one fit the bill twice-over.

Godmother by Carolyn Turgeon because I read about this one on Julie's blog at bookingmama and it was intriguing.

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg who writes the blog Orangette, which is a lovely blog that will someday make me fatter than the proverbial piggie. Actually, maybe not since I am too bone lazy to make much of what she has on there but I sure do like looking at it! ;-)

I'm just impressed with myself that I only overshot the gift card by about $3 and I'm chalking most of that up to having to buy a birthday card for the kiddie party we were en route to when we stopped to get last week's birthday boy his much anticipated copy of Pokemon Platinum for Nintendo DS. Somehow seemed unfair when I reserved it a couple of weeks ago that I'd have to collect it on my birthday but such is the life of a mom. (And don't for one minute think that I didn't fully intend to stop at B&N even had I not received a gift card once I noticed its proximity to GameStop!)

As for the other gifts, the girlie gift card will wait until next weekend or maybe sometime during the week if I can squeeze it in (have to get new license plates first since mine are illegal as of tomorrow). And the Graeter's ice cream, well, if you haven't ever had the world's best ice cream, I feel sorry for you. But I'm not sharing. That six pints that T. and S, brought me from Columbus for my birthday should last me about a day and a half and only add about 15 pounds to my rear, right?! ;-) Somehow my family thinks I'm sharing. I might have to go buy a cake to be the decoy instead. Maybe if I buy a chocolate cake they won't notice they are missing out on the world's best ice cream. Nah, they probably will. But it'll be worth the whining to eat it all myself. LOL!


  1. Happy Birthday from the Beatles:

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kristen! Wow, you got some great books. Don't you love when you get gift cards like that? I am always so excited to spend them!

  4. I just love bookstore giftcards!! Happy happy birthday!!


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