Friday, March 20, 2009

Signs of spring

For many people, the first sign of spring is the sight of a crocus bravely peeking through the snow. It offers hope that the long winter will eventually end and is one of the first signs of renewal. Long before we moved here to the sunny south (where it seems to rain more than advertised, I might add), this was not the first sign of spring for me. It was, and continues to be, a slow leak out of the checkbook. I take that back, it starts as a slow leak and then turns into a river swollen with spring rains and rushing past at alarming speed. The bad thing about the south is that this moment comes earlier than it came up north. I've already opened the checkbook for dance competition fees (and complained about it here too!). That was the first sign/leak. But it quickly turned into a torrent as I wrote checks for soccer, baseball, and tennis (times two) as well. And, of course, because it's spring and the checkbook is already open, school has gotten into the act too. Both the middle school and the elementary school are running fundraisers right now (for charity at the elementary school and to supplement technology at the middle school). Elementary school also just had its spring bookfair too and I am well known for my inability to say no to books (for myself or for my children).

All that money flowing out of here may not be as visible as the proverbial crocus, but it does lead to an interesting still life in my car: ballet shoes nestled with a baseball bat and glove, cleats, a soccer ball, a tennis racquet or two, and one shin guard. (We always have to hunt high and low for the second shin guard.) Not piled haphazardly on the seat but still an important part of my spring gear, the trunk is full of water bottles, collapsible chairs, and stray snacks in case the snack mom has forgotten (okay, usually I'm the snack mom who forgets but at least I've learned to drive around prepared so that I only have to run to the car to remedy the oversight instead of searching out the nearest grocery store.

Ah, spring. When we're broke and the car smells of dirt, sweat, and stinky shoes. What a powerful (and persistent) aroma to remind us that summer is coming.

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