Sunday, March 1, 2009

Review: How to Prepare for Your High-School Reunion and Other Midlife Musings by Susan Allen Toth

As I was (still) busily cataloguing my books on LibraryThing, I came across this one and pulled it out to dive into immediately. I can't really even say why. Perhaps it was the title combined with the knowledge that my 20th high school reunion is rapidly approaching. Add in that Toth lives almost in the shadow of my high school, in a city I've never been back to since I graduated, and that made it seem sort of ordained that I would stumble across it now. It is not all about high school reunions but instead is a collection of essays just musing about life in general. Some of the essays are a bit dated; ironically, many of the essays, written in Toth's middle-age, were indeed written when I was a high-schooler and therefore just a hop, skip, and jump away from her. But most of them are still pertinent, thoughtful writings on the minutia of everyday living. The essays are almost entirely domestically set or concerned--including one that takes on the pre-conceived view that domestic writing is worthless--so they come off as being about small subjects but for those of use who live those small subjects, they are satisfying indeed.

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