Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ramblings from the past few days

I am so truly talented that I managed to scrape the snot out of my leg and even draw blood at cycle class this morning. Yes, I drew blood on a stationary bike. And man does an open wound hurt when you start sweating into it.

Much of the day was spent in bed with a small, lavender-filled pillow over my eyes thanks to a persistent headache. I really hate new pressure systems moving into my area, especially when they knock me on my arse. And it doesn't sound like this low system is planning on moving out any time soon. Just what I love, many days of slow, pattering rain and overcast, creeping chill. Ba humbug!

I had to sign a paper from school for W. telling me that if he doesn't pull his head out of his rear by tomorrow, he'll be earning a D in one of his classes. That stands for "Decided not to use the ever so capable brain I was blessed with" and will result in serious misery for everyone in the house if it comes to pass. Seriously? A pressure system headache and a D from one of the smartest kids I know (not that I'm biased or anything). But really?! Clearly I'm still atoning for a past life as a serial murderer or something.

The mail came. I now have 6 review books I need to read. Didn't check the release date on this latest one but I'm hoping it's July or some other rather distant date because another with an imminent release date might kill me. And with the headache, well not a lot of reading going on here at the moment. And no, I'm not telling you the title until next Monday. Can't screw up my weekly meme now can I?

I am apparently the meanest mom in first grade. And no, it's not the first grader complaining, it is what I suspect his teacher thinks of me. T. is the only child in the class who has to fill out his own reading log. We had to have a meeting about my feelings on the reading log and lack of compliance with signing it daily. I don'tt hink we exactly came to an agreement about it but she was willing to let me dump all responsibility on his small shoulders after I argued that *he* should be doing *his* homework, not having me sign off on it. Novel idea, I know and I am evil since I suggested that I was perfectly happy to pre-sign the log if that would take care of the issue. I am not at my best with daily requirements. This is why birth control pills were always an iffy proposition for me (well, that and the migraine problem) and why we are trying to switch the poor dog from her daily epilepsy meds which were supposed to be twice daily and which I was lucky to remember once daily. So the reading log, which I oppose for other reasons beyond the hassle-to-me factor, never had a chance.

It was my birthday on Sunday and it feels like it's been one long celebration so far this week. Not only did two neighbors join D. and I for dinner on Sunday, but they also created a towering cake confection, gave me lovely, wonderful gifties, and sang to me. Then another neighbor felt badly she'd not known it was my birthday and so for a surprise after our happy hour, brought out a homemade red velvet cake for me. Now those of you who saw my Facebook status know why I said I was gaining weight for my birthday. Ah sweet delight. Worth every pound I will have packed on, although questionable if it's worth the months it'll take to come off again. :-P

During the move we seem to have misplaced the title for my car. This only became apparent now, given that my plates expired on my birthday and I can't get new ones down here without the title. What a pain in the rear. I guess having to deal with two different state DMV's is the karmic balance to getting two cakes. Somehow though, I think it's still weighted toward the negative but then maybe it's just more retribution for my serial killer past life. And in the meantime, I am being a rebel and driving illegally. Since three of my neighbors are doing the same, I feel in good company.

I am almost completely finished shelving my book collection. I have topped 8200 books per LibraryThing, without adding in my kids' books (many of which were bought for them purely for show since I fully intend to read them too). And yet there's little that makes me happier than bringing more books into the house. I'm not even finished shelving them and I already have quite a few that are out of place. There's really nothing in this world like a procrastinating anal-retentive, let me tell you.

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