Monday, March 23, 2009

Review: Tales From the Scale by Erin Shea

With a subtitle of "Women Weigh in on Thunder Thighs, Cheese Fries, and Feeling Good... at Any Size," I figured this would be right up my alley given my weight battles, both recently and in the past, and my sarcastic and snarky self (and my love of schadenfreude--but I try not to admit to that one too frequently). What I didn't realize was that this was told in short vignettes by weight loss bloggers and that rather than being silly, entertaining, and yet somehow still honest and inspiring, I would not really connect with any of the short pieces in here. Now I understand that being fat isn't funny. Heck, I personally find it depressing as all get out (and this is after having lost half of what I need to lose). But earnest and dull stories of others' weight loss are not the way to keep me on track. I wanted funny. I wanted honest accountings of goof-ups (leavened with humor). I wanted to smile as I ate my carrot sticks. And this book just didn't deliver for me. Obviously the earnest tales appeal to lots of people and I hope they find inspiration in them. Me, I was looking for the promised cheese fries and perhaps that explains my current weight plateau! Missing that certain je ne sais quoi for me, other reviewers have raved (and found the humor I missed) so perhaps it is the right inspirational book in your weight loss arsenal. I'll just have to find something else for myself.

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