Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chunkster Challenge

I saw the Chunkster Challenge back in January but didn't get around to signing up until now, the day that sign-ups end. This last minute lateness is sort of par for the course for me right now for some reason. But at least I am squeaking in under the line in time to participate, correct?! So this challenge has multiple options and I think I'm going to go for the "Does This Book Make My Butt Look Big?" option. That means I'm committing (or perhaps it's should be committed) to reading 3-5 adult (and by that our host means grown-up, although adult content for 450 pages might be a stimulating reading experience ::giggle::) books of 450 or more pages. It's really just a shame that War and Peace, which I finally finished, won't count since I started it before January 1. Ah well! In lieu of the impressive W&P, I'll most likely be reading a selection from the following:

1. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
2. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
3. Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens
4. Drop City by T. C. Boyle
5. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon
6. The Makioka Sisters by Junichiro Tanizake
7. The Golden Tulip by Rosalind Laker

I could, of course, change my mind about any of the above but since I have already read Fingersmith and Cloud Atlas (I'm calling them legal since I read them after deciding I was going to do the challenge but before officially signing up) I am cookin' along with gas. Actually, if I get inspired, I might even try to level up to the next level of the challenge: Mor-book-ly Obese (6 or more books), which is why I've listed seven instead of the 3-5 towards which I'm aspiring.

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