Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Book Review Policy

Authors, Publishers and Publicists…

Thank you for considering me for the privilege of reviewing your books.

I am a very eclectic reader and my favorite genres include contemporary/literary fiction, historical fiction, young adult, narrative non-fiction (travel, cooking, etc.) and memoirs. I generally do not read mystery/thrillers, science fiction, fantasy or horror but have been known to make rare exceptions so it never hurts to ask.

I do not accept e-books at this time but will consider self-published books.

I do review every book I read and I finish all books I accept for review. My acceptance of your book for review does not guarantee a positive review. I will strive to review your book honestly and fairly but keep in mind that not every book works for every reader and that may be reflected in my review.

I give priority to my review books and try to have ARC reviews published as soon as possible. If you want me to hold off on publishing a review until a book is released, I can do that as well. I publish my reviews on my blog, to several book lists on yahoogroups, and on LibraryThing among other places. If you would like an Amazon review or a posted review on another outlet of your specification, I will be happy to provide that as well.
All of my blog reviews can be found easily as the format always runs: “Review: Title by Author.” If you’d like to see samples of my previous reviews, look for this in the sidebar of the blog and you’ll get a feel for my writing and reviewing.
I don’t give ARC copies away unless you have specifically told me that doing so is acceptable.

Thank you again for your interest in my blog, and I look forward to working with you.

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