Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Salon: Living with books

The scads of books and shelves groaning under the weight of them have been such a constant in my life that I forget how overwhelming my house can look to people who are unaware of the extent of my obsession (and that is pretty much everyone who has yet to see my house since the scope of the book love is pretty unfathomable to non-readers or very casual, occasional readers).

We had some friends come over last night and since we haven't lived here that long, the house is still fairly chaotic and many books have not yet found their permanent homes on shelves. So these friends asked for a tour (my worst nightmare given my sloppy housekeeping) but luckily the sheer fact of loaded bookselves in every room amazed them so much that they either didn't notice or couldn't process the giant dust bunnies we are cultivating and considering naming as family pets. It never fails that when someone first walks in, they say "You must really like books," and these friends didn't disappoint. I have to say that I feel sad when I walk into a house without books so I just don't get the reactions we cause. But since it is a guaranteed response, it does serve to remind me just how unusual it is to live with books, to absolutely wallow in books. I wouldn't change a thing. (Okay, maybe I'd have more bookshelves, but really, that's it.)

In other bookish news, I only managed to review 4 books and have 13 awaiting review. But the reason I have so many to review is that I read 5 more to add to the stacks of the pending. I am in the midst of The Painter From Shanghai by Jennifer Cody Epstein, graciously sent to me by the author, and enjoying it thoroughly. Look for a review on that one as soon as I finish it. And I still have bookmarks in several others as well, with high hopes of getting back to them and finishing them shortly, unless other books come into the house that demand to be read first! As to my progress on my March determination list (found in this post, I read 3 of them before March even started. Since then I have read 5 of them, am in progress with 1, and have a mere 3 left to read in their entirety during the second half of this month. Not bad, not bad.


  1. For me, the unusual thing is also to enter a house and see no books. But yes, people are always amazed that I have so many. And the inevitable "have you read them all?" always follows.

  2. When they ask me if I've read them all and I admit that certain sets of shelves are all tbr, I can tell if they are real readers or not based on the horror or envy on their faces. ;-)

  3. In the recent past, I was required by my job to visit homes. Lots of them. Up to fifty a month, at times.

    After five years of that, I got to the point where I was (pleasantly) surprised to go into a home and find the tv was off.

  4. I almost don't trust a house with no books. I've been trying to declutter my own shelves for years, to get my collection down to favorites only, but can't seem to do it! What if I were to re-read one of these other books and realize it was also a favorite? Argh!

  5. I hate walking into a house with no books. It looks and feels kind of empty. Have a couple of magazines or something please! I love it when a non-reader comes into my house and start going through my bookshelves, reading the titles. Maybe they'll find something they like!

  6. My whole guest room is my TBR. I usually leave that room closed when I have company. That way I don't have to explain!


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