Thursday, November 27, 2008


The meal is still cooking, which means I haven't given anyone food poisoning yet. I got up this morning and headed out to the Turkey Trot (8K), which I ran in a slightly slow but reasonably respectable 9 minutes a mile dead on. When I parked for the race, I purposely chose to park in the Barnes and Noble paking lot because I have yet to get lost around books and I do tend to have directional issues. I hung around with my former Team in Training teammates and coaches for a while after the race and before heading back to the car, asked them to point me in the direction of the Bojangles where packet pick-up had been. I figured once I got there, I was good to go because B&N is almost within sight of it. Well, I miscalculated slightly. The entertaining thing is not that I got lost, because I am wont to do that all the time. It's that I am clearly magnetically attracted to bookstores because I ended up in Borders' parking lot instead of B&N. Had I had a wallet with me, I could have done some serious damage. LOL! I wandered around a bit and once I got away from the gravitational pull of Borders, I did manage to find B&N and head home to stuff the turkey and pop it in the oven. I didn't get a shower until all of the food was cooking so I told everyone that nothing should need salt given that I was seasoning it all with my sweat. Something tells me I won't be allowed to host Thanksgiving next year. Bwahahaha!

Oh, and for those who care about my poor feet, even this mere 5 miles left me with blisters on the bottom of both small toes. Clearly I am not designed to be on my feet for more than 6 seconds a day. I wonder if anyone would be interested in carrying around my sedan chair (as I balloon to a billion pounds from lack of exercise). Actually, I wonder where you can even find a sedan chair anymore.


  1. It's one of those chairs that royalty used to be carried around in. It's also called a "litter" and you can google either one to find numerous pictures.


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