Monday, November 17, 2008

Behavioural conference

It wasn't as bad as it could have been. W.'s teachers all seem to genuinely like him. They think he is incredibly smart (one even tossed out the word brilliant but like the high and low scores in ice skating, I think we have to discount that). They truly want to help him overcome his freak-outs (no one was unkind enough to use the word tantrum, but that is what they are). But none of them know how; nor do we. Final analysis: he's incredibly hard on himself, is incapable of calming down in the moment, and should probably see a therapist. ::sigh:: As D. and I walked out, we realized that we are to blame for the troubles this child is having. When D. was young, if it didn't interest him, he put no effort into it. And I'm a perfectionist. Mush the two of us together and you get W. and with that genetic heritage it's no wonder he loses it completely. A therapist is going to have a field day with this boy-child of mine.

Oh, and for the record, I managed to make it through the conference without crying. If I can hit a milestone like that, surely anything is possible!


  1. Chris is like that -- in mid-tantrum/freakout there is absolutely NO getting through to him/calm him down but if he's removed from the situation, he ratchets it back on down pretty quickly. (which his therapist thought was very important) How'd he do before (didn't he go to therapy a year or so ago?) C has a high success rate as long as he's going to see the therapist every 2 weeks or so but if we stop for a few months, it all comes flooding back.

  2. Well I'm glad to hear the recovering one out of the situation is a good sign. I need to grasp at all possible good signs! When W. was in therapy before it was more about handling the bullying and even then the therapist was totally worthless. :-( He's not happy about having to see someone here but I can't imagine that he'll be making friends and influencing people if the freak-outs continue. Middle school is rough enough without being the loser in the corner acting like a baby. ::sigh::


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