Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Duplicate titles

Do publishers rename books from country to country simply to get suckers like me to buy more than one copy of the same book? If so, it's working. ::grumble, grumble:: While LibraryThing is very cool (I'm whitreidtan over there) and I am having fun cataloging my library, it also notes when you have duplicates of a book, even if the title is misleadingly different. This is of no concern for books like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland since I have one lovely leather edition that my dad gave to me when I was small but also a paperback version that also contains Through the Looking Glass. So in my own head, these are two different books. But while entering books today (and I even broke down and got the bar code scanner--too fun), I ran across a book I have in British and American editions. The former is called Lions and Liquorice while the latter is Vanity and Vexation. Color me grumpy that they are the same book. And I was *always* guaranteed to buy both because they are re-workings of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, my biggest book downfall. Which one to let go? Which one? I like the American cover better but the British one is just somehow inherently cooler (as well as original). Decisions...

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