Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas shopping

I don't know if we can afford the turkey for Thanksgiving now, but I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping for the kids in the family (including the niece and nephew, one of whom also has a December birthday). Talk about a serious drain on the wallet! As the kids get older, they want smaller, more expensive stuff. The older two are getting one gift each from us given the price of what they've asked for while the smaller kiddo (also the only believer left in the crew) is getting about four for the same cost. Now I just have to think about the adults and stocking stuff for everyone. Any suggestions for stocking goodies for a 6th grade boy and a 1st grade boy gratefully accepted. Why is it that girls are so much easier on the stocking front? R. is getting some of the gawdiest, ugliest socks on the planet and she'll love them. The only thing I can think of for the boys that they might like as much as her socks would be mud and twigs and that would just get the stockings irreparably dirty so not an option.


  1. We always do jammies on Christmas Eve (a tradition I shameless stole from another friend). Pens and pencils are big boy and girl stocking stuffers, as are little notepad-type things. This year, I got the boys some silly (read cheap) spy glasses for their stockings.

    And frankly, candy, candy and more candy. You can never go wrong with that.

  2. Okay, I can't type -- I meant shamelessLY...

    And thank you for the wonderful schmonderful book. Yay you!

  3. We do jammies on Christmas Eve too! Another good stocking stuffer is socks-they take up lots of stocking space. Also, my mom always put an orange in the bottom of our stocking and I carried on the tradition-it takes up the whole bottom of the stocking LOL!

  4. Stocking Stuffers
    What about some old 80's toy like a rubics cube. My 6th grader still likes to mess around with nerf stuff. He and his 6th grade cousin always get together and shoot each other in the dark. It could work for the 1st grader as well?


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