Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Running in the cold...

Is like a long, slow strip-tease. Yes, I realize I live in the south and it is perfectly balmy compared to my friends still in northern climes (you don't fool me though, we were running inside on the treadmill by this time last year. So there!). But it's cold for here and since I've tried to rapidly assimilate myself, I am calling it cold. And it was chilly (wind chill counts, you know) enough today to require long sleeves and long pants and a wind breaker to run in. I probably could have done with gloves too but I neglected to dig those out. But I digress; back to the strip-tease. As already stated, I started my run with long pants, long sleeves, and a windbreaker. My hands were carefully tucked up into my sleeves and the wrist openings firmly clutched closed in my frozen fingers, GPS signal for the watch be damned. The iPod earbuds kept me from inner ear cold aches so that was good. But as I ran, I started to warm up, which is, of course, at least one reason to run (I assume that the effort to warm me up is also somehow making my metabolism gear up--and don't even think of disabusing me of that notion!!!). At mile one, my hands let go of the sleeves and even poked out into the cold. Between mile one and two, I partially unzipped the windbreaker. Between three and four, I completely unzipped. Between five and six, had I not worried that I'd trip trying to wrestle the thing off and tie it around my waist, I would have taken it off completely. The neighbors were surely grateful that my run was only 5 miles today. Thursday I might go 6 miles. The mind boggles thinking of what would come off next!

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