Sunday, November 30, 2008

Box countdown and other uninteresting bits

I'm down to 78 total boxes. Woo Hoo! If you had any idea how painful and slow this unpacking has been, you'd be doing cartwheels for me. Of course, I still have that 78 to get through. Any guesses as to how long it'll take?

I've lost yet another toenail to the running gods. Interestingly, this one didn't turn black first. Instead it gave up the ghost (ie went white and died) without any warning. On the plus side, I've gotten really good at removing them myself and this one had the added bonus of complete family gross-out factor since I did it while watching a Christmas special with D. and the kids.

My in-laws are headed home and I'm in clean-up mode, especially since the next guest is arriving in the spare room tomorrow (my grandmother). I think I must not be a very hospitable person but I can only take other people for a very few days before I just want them to leave. Other people mess with my ingrained habits by requiring me to be sociable and all. And that's a serious strain on my good humor. Yes, I know, I have very little good humor to speak of so visitors are treading on thin ice the minute they arrive. I don't know whether to chalk it up to being a brat or to being introverted. The latter sounds ever so much nicer, doesn't it? Plus, then it's a personality trait I have no control over and somehow that makes it more palatable. At any rate, I've been holed-up in the basement alone ever since they left, ostensibly to unpack but really to escape all need for civility, even towards my own family.

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