Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Small fry journals

Every mom should be the subject of he children's school journal at least once over the years they are required to keep one, right? I remember the sole time I made an appearance in W.'s. It was when he was in kindergarten right after a particularly bad weekend. His entry said "I don't like it when my mom yells." It was, of course, not spelled this well, but still, the sentiment just warms the little cockles of your heart, doesn't it? R. must not have found me terribly objectionable since I can't recall her writing about me in her school journal. Hers tended to be more about her friends and her weekend excursions than about my temper (although I have seen "I hate her" recently written in her diary after I punish her for some misdemeanor or other). Yes, I read her diary. And I have no qualms about it either. So there! And now I've made my debut in the youngest's school journal as well. October's came home on Monday and in reading through it this morning, I see T. wrote of me: "my mom Did a vare long ras She neid to tak a icE Bath." Interesting to see what all makes an impression on kids. W. thinks (thought) I'm a yeller. (I am.) R. thinks I'm hateful. (I don't think I am but what do I know?) And T. will always remember me sitting in a bathtub full of ice water. (Odd but less psychologically damaging than the older two's impressions, I suspect.)

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