Sunday, November 9, 2008

My kid? But he's just a baby!

I went to the monthly Bunko game the other night and ran smack up against more proof that my children are aging at a rapid pace. I saw a neighbor who I hadn't seen since we moved in. She and her 7th grade daughter (who is my height) and several of her daughter's friends (also all tall) all came over to bring us a sinfully delicious chocolate cake to welcome us to the neighborhood. We were talking about that and I mentioned how fabulous the cake was, not having remembered the horde of girls on my doorstep. She, however, was laughing about W. coming to the door, seeing the gaggle of girls and backing away calling for me. Apparently, when they all went back to her house, one of the girls mentioned W. and said, "He's cute!" When C. told me this, my first thought was, of course he's cute. We've always known he's a beautiful child. Then I realized this wasn't a mom kind of comment but a girl only a year older than he is kind of comment. Suddenly my baby is old enough to considered cute. (She did also say he needed to grow an inch, but...) If he's getting old, I'm getting old. And I. Will. Not. Allow. This! Is it bad to be glad he's immature and innocent and probably years from this?

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  1. Brilliant post! Love the ending and I understand your predicament too :)


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