Friday, October 10, 2008

Things you don't want to see

1 stool pushed over to the fridge (the only thing a child can reach on the top of the fridge is the basket of matches)

1 lit birthday candle cunningly nestled into the warm, squishy wax of a candle you lit before briefly leaving the room

Simple conclusion: child was playing with lit candle (bad), extinguished flame and in order to not be caught, sneakily retrieved matches (very bad) and easier to light birthday candles, chose Kermit the frog green candle to match forest green large candle--mom won't notice the two different greens, right?, and lit said birthday candle (worst of all) so that candle would still appear to be burning when mom returned from bathroom.

Honest to goodness, does R. have *any* impulse control?! The child is 10! Not 5. She's going to be the death of me--and it's now looking like it might be death by fire. What am I going to do when she gets sophisticated enough to hide the evidence of her actions? (Oh yeah, this is the kid who is already grounded for the month. What kind of punishment can I heap on top of that?)

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