Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Apples and lentils are perhaps not the tastiest combination so no more experimental soup buying at the grocery store. Eat what you know!

Latest strange find in packing boxes: the string pull switch for one of the lights in the basement in Michigan.

I am having entirely too much fun seeing which books I have that turn out to be the only registered copy on Library Thing. (I also enjoy seeing which onces are listed only in the single digits--something I suspect their authors do not appreciate nearly as much as I do.)

NC in the fall can get far colder than I ever thought.

When depressed, watching What Not to Wear is probably not a good idea given that my wardrobe mirrors those that Stacy and Clinton dub "boring, boring, boring" although I don't wear all black (almost none in fact thanks to my complexion's resemblence to Morticia Addams when I do wear it) so I guess I have that going for me.

Getting kids' Halloween costumes less than a week before the actual holiday winnows the selection quite a bit but doesn't seem to be less costly than being on the ball and buying them early.

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