Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Other marathon souvenirs and general musings

I think I mentioned the enormous blisters but I forgot to brag about my pretty (NOT!) black toenails. Several days after the race, I was up to four yucky toenails. That's about when I decided the blisters needed to go so I popped them. Pretty gross. The funny thing about this whole experience was that I had serious goals for the marathon based on last year's half marathon finish. I'm starting to think ignorance was bliss. I ran my half marathon in exactly 2 hours. My pace was an easy 9.11 minutes per mile. I was sure that this meant I could easily sustain a 10 minute mile pace for the full marathon. The best laid plans though... My actual finish time means an average pace of 11:29 per mile. Not at all what I wanted to see. Ah well, something to strive for the next time! And because I know you all wanted to see them, here are my pretty feet immediately post-race (keeping in mind that they looked significantly worse 2-7 days post race).

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  1. That is actually a very flattering picture of your feet. I remember them as having a strong aura of utter exhaustion, a sense of "ain't no one walking no where on me any time soon" that you could cut with a knife (or a good pair of toenail clippers."

    You, on the other hand, looked radiant. Tired, but great.


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