Friday, October 31, 2008

Never running again

No, that's not a pre-New Year's resolution. That is apparantly what my body thought the situation was after almost 2 full weeks of to recover from the race. So when I laced up the ole running shoes (well, slipped them on since I, of course, have those cool elastic laces), every cell in my body started screaming in protest. You all probably heard them all over the globe, didn't you? And they were right to scream. This first post-race run was painful. I ran a whole 3 miles, which would have been a top distance a year ago but seemed reasonable given that I just did more than 26. Reasonable is only in my head though. Once I got through the completely discombobulated feeling of flailing limbs (picture Phoebe on Friends running), I was shocked to notice I was winded at 3/4 of a mile. Argh! I will admit I puched myself to run a lot faster than I did in the marathon (9 minute miles as opposed to 11 1/2 minute miles) so perhaps that accounts for the dizziness and dehydration I felt by the end. And I'm just so sure that my neighbors were pleased as punch to have me spitting into their yards because swallowing spit the consistency of snot just wasn't manageable. Yup, I'm still a delicate and pretty runner, aren't I?! But it felt great to get back here and know that I'd pushed myself out there again (both in terms of the speed and in terms of getting my rear out on the road again). Now to sign up for the Charlotte Turkey Trot so I have another goal. And maybe I'll get to the track and actually do some speed work. ::guffaw, snort, guffaw:: Ok, maybe not. But, and this is for my body's information: I'm not giving the running up. I'm too fond of dessert (and after tonight we'll have scads of Halloween candy I'll need to work off).

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