Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cabbage patch doll

Remember these? Remember the bad names they came with? Someone I know, who will remain nameless (so my informant doesn't get in trouble for telling me), is seriously considering naming her soon-to-be child after her childhood Cabbage Patch kid. Honestly!!! Makes me hope the kid isn't the sex she thinks it is (not yet confirmed by u/s) and or that her husband can talk some sense into her! (Yes, I know what the ugly bald-headed doll's name was.) Then again, she's been stubborn and contrary since childhood, so...


  1. Considering my CB doll's name was Hester Glynnis, I would think that Abby should thank her lucky stars every day!

  2. Oh and I'm blog rolling you (which sounds like jelly roll, but oh well!).


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