Thursday, October 16, 2008


It took me literally all day yesterday to get in my last scheduled run before the big day. I had fully intended to run in the morning but the door latch replacement, followed by a very expensive car servicing and then kid activities sucked the day away before I knew it. But I was determined not to put it off until today so I trucked out the door into the dark (the neighborhood has sidewalks so I'd be safe). Aside from the fact that the run felt horrible, there were two good signs during it, not that I'm superstitious or anything. First, it was good to have run trying out the runner's race belt. It held my energy gels for a while but eventually I noticed that only three gels were hitting me instead of four. Yup. Lost one so I doubled back and amazingly enough, managed to find it even in the dark! If that's not a positive sign, I don't know what is. Then, I finished up my run and started my recovery walk about 30 seconds before my iPod died. The fact that it lasted my whole run (albeit a short run) seems to me to be telling me something too--and yes, it is now fully charged and the wall charger is going into the carry-on luggage with me so it will be good on race day too. So I figure that those two omens bode well for me. Didn't hurt that D. gave me a gift certificate to the bookstore (he knows the way to my heart) and some wonderful friends in Michigan sent me good luck flowers yesterday too.

A decent run, the anticipation of spending money at the bookstore, and some gorgeous sunflowers. What else could a girl want?

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