Thursday, July 9, 2009

I live in fear of the third thing

Bad things come in threes, right? I am just going to hide under my bed and hope the third thing doesn't look for me there. ::sigh::

If you've been paying attention, thing one was sinking the boat with all our vacation belongings on it. I just discovered thing two. I left R.'s dance shoes (jazz and tap) locked in the car in the long term parking lot at the Detroit airport. Nevermind that we were only flying back down here for her to attend her dance rehearsals and Nationals competition next week. Nevermind that she can't do her dances barefoot. Apparently I completely and totally forgot that she had her shoes in the car (at least they weren't in the boat--although if that had been the case, I might have remembered them). And we blithely flew off without them. We definitely want to spend loads of money on new dance shoes since replacing the things ruined in the boat bath won't cost us enough. Today's headache is just getting worse. And I really will be hiding from thing three.


  1. Hoping things get better! Wow... I just hate that and I know what its like waiting for the "what next?"

  2. My grandma always said that bad things come in threes, but they, in turn, are followed by three good things.

    Perhaps that's just the Optimistic German Woman's take on it....

  3. OMGOsh - so sorry to hear that you've had more trouble. Dance shoes aren't cheap;-(


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