Friday, July 10, 2009

Disaster-prone Daphne

Apparently I am disaster-prone Daphne. No, I didn't have to take any poorly written Facebook quiz to find this out. I just took a look at the past week in my life and came to the conclusion that I should go back to bed and call a do-over or failing that, invest heavily in bubble-wrap. Sank a boat? Check. Left expensive dance shoes several states away and completely inaccessible? Check. Dumped an entirely full can of diet Coke all over books not included in boating disaster? Check. (Because just wet books aren't enough, they should be sticky and stained brown too.) Hide your children when I'm near. Get off the road while I am driving. Who knows what my next disaster will be?! At least I seem to only be affecting myself and my own things at the moment (leaving aside the fact that it wasn't my boat).


  1. At least the week's just about over! Next one will be better.

  2. Hey - spilling the diet Coke might be #3. Maybe you're done for a while!


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